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The Lahore Music Meet (LMM) is a two-day event dedicated to the celebration and critique of music in Pakistan. LMM aims to bring together enthusiasts, artisans, artists, patrons, industry representatives and academics to initiate dialogue on the developments in music and their shortcomings.

The music industry in Pakistan may be characterized as fragmented, at best. The lack of appropriate structures and resources, along with cultural constraints in mainstream discourse, have given rise to a number of inter-related obstacles for music, the most significant of which are the following. First, they inhibit the cultivation of fresh and diverse talent, for success is often dictated by social situation/capital more so than the possession of the innate endowment or aptitude. Second, they have contributed to the shrinking of legitimate social spaces for expression and performance, especially in light of recent socio-political developments. Third, the marginalization of music and its appropriations by those at the margins have given birth to a rich variety of creative cultural responses which remain lost in obscurity.

This is not to suggest that the obstacles that face us are insurmountable. Music continues to survive in such adversity, suggesting the viability of certain innovative strategies and techniques in production, dissemination etcetera. LMM seeks to provide an avenue for discovery and collaboration along various dimensions through a series of panel discussions, seminars, workshops and performances. It is meant not just for the hopeful musician but for any individual related to music in any way. The provision of such a platform is of critical necessity in encouraging the sharing of experiences and aspirations, the reclamation of production and performance spaces, the appreciation of the sociological contributions of music and efforts to preserve social narratives and critiques embedded within neglected forms of music.

LMM proposes to provide a platform for all activities pertaining to music performance, enterprise, education and academia to take place with the ultimate goal of encouraging talents and fostering relationships between individuals within the music fraternity. By providing such a platform, we hope to revitalize the reputation and perception of music within the country and abroad.

Event Highlights

LMM Alumni

  • Red Blood Cat
  • Mai Dhai
  • Sounds of Kolachi
  • Attaullah Esakhelvi
  • Zoe Viccaji
  • Mooroo
  • Shorbanoor
  • Tollcrane
  • Naseer & Shahab
  • Shamoon Ismail
  • Natasha Beyg
  • Takatak
  • Slow Spin
  • Sikandar ka Mandir
  • Quadrum
  • Aaishay Haque
  • Orangenoise
  • Keeray Makoray
  • Alien Panda Jury
  • Ali Suhail
  • Xarb
  • Abdullah Siddiqui
  • Bayaan

The LMM Team

Meet the LMM team!

  • Natasha Noorani
  • Zahra Paracha
  • Ayesha Haroon
    Creative Director
  • Noor Habib

Event Schedule


Album Art Showcase: Music to my Eyes

Album Art Thing

‘Music to my Eyes’ is a compilation of album art in Pakistan through the ages. The exhibition will feature a curated collection of album artwork of various Pakistani musicians from different decades. Some of these were preserved by private collectors, some were painstakingly dug out of dusty attics and a large number are from EMI Records’ digitally archived collection. This is not just a walk through memory lane, it’s a look at the evolutionary process of music-based art from vinyls through cassettes and CDs, all the way to how musicians use artwork to promote music in current social media. The show is curated by Karachi-based illustrators, Samya Arif and Sana Nasir and photographer, Humayun Memon.

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Al-Hamra Arts Council


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Alhamra Arts Council, Mall Road, Lahore